ANNOUNCEMENTကျောက်မျက်အချောထည်နှင့် လက်ဝတ်ရတနာကဏ္ဍ ဖွံ့ဖြိုးတိုးတက်မှုအတွက် မြန်မာနိုင်ငံကျောက်မျက်ရတနာလုပ်ငန်းရှင်များအသင်းချုပ် ဥက္ကဋ္ဌ နှင့် အလုပ်အမှုဆောင်အဖွဲ့မှ ဆောင်ရွက်လျက်ရှိပါသည် Oct



Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association (MGJEA) was established in 2009 by an initiative in coordinating among the industrial activities and with the guidance of State Chief as the bridging business association for the benefits of stakeholders from Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Industry. MGJEA is resistered under Myanmar Company Act as an Incorporated Business Association for promoting the commerce, or any other economic development object, and applies or intends to apply its profits (if any) or other income in promoting its objects, and to prohibit the payment of any dividend to its members. MGJEA is member-based non-profit business association and mostly sought-after business association when it comes to Myanmar Gems and Jewelry. MGJEA is also a member business association of Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).


For the sustainable and inclusive economic development of Myanmar, MGJEA will participate as a One Stop Service Provider and Trading Hub with the aim of promoting and developing! Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Industry from local to international.


To establish and develop a hundred percent gemstones and jewelry market, within the country in respect of gemstone products in Myanmar.
To develop production and marketing of gemstones.
To actively co-operate with governmental organizations, to obtain proper recognition and standing in the world market, for gemstones and jewelries, products in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
To co-operate with governmental organizations to eradicate illegal production of gemstones within the country and to prevents illegal transportation and sale of gemstones abroad.
To modernize and develop production and marketing of jade and gemstones and finished products of gemstones within Myanmar.
To aim for unity, discipline and awareness of duty amongst producers of jade and gemstones, producers of fin_ished products sellers and buyers intellectuals, technical experts and merchants for the benefit of the country and the people.
To mediate and settle problems and disputes which may arise from time to time between members (or) problems arising out of gemstone related works (However decision of the higher authority on findings and recommendations submitted by legally appointed government body/ committee shall be final.)
To organize and hold educational seminars, symposiums and training courses, and distributes books, research papers and newsletters which may be of benefit to the members and persons relating to the gemstones business.
To hold shows as may be permitted by the governments, send trade-study groups within the country and abroad, contact and liaise with international organizations for the purpose of increasing legitimate sale and marketing of gemstones within the country and abroad.
To execute in the name of the Federation or in Co-ordination with other organizations for the progress of the Federation in attaining the above objects or any of them (or) any other related matters.